Technical Expertise & Verifications

Regarding an expertise, the first step in an assessment is to determine the needs of the client , and the second step is to determine the legal needs of such an activity. In some countries it is mandatory to carry out such assessments according to national regulation.

TUV AUSTRIA Group can perform technical verifications, risk analysis, evaluation and calculation of remaining lifetime based on different codes (ISCIR C1, C4, C6, C9, C10, C12, API 579, API 653) for pressure equipment such as pressure vessels, boilers and pipes for product and steam or storage tanks.

TUV AUSTRIA Group after developing an expertise program can fully implement the program by using its own personal and non-destructive testing equipment and / or destructive.

TUV AUSTRIA Group can perform: tests for welds such as magnetic particle tests and penetrating tests, metallographic tests on-site, hardness tests on-site, on-site chemical analysis (especially when the material certificate is missing from the original documentation), tensiometric marker technique and strain testing during the pressure test or just attending the pressure test (if necessary in the expertise program), radio detection for pipelines, DCVG for pipelines in order to determine the type of defect in the insulation layer (CC, CA, AA) and category (1, 2 or 3), LRUT ultrasonic testing for detection of corrosion in pipelines up to 150 meters left and 150 meters right from the test area.

  • Risk analysis
  • Technical investigations and expertise for lifting equipments
  • Assessments for oil product storage tanks
  • ANRE technical investigations and expertise
  • AFER technical investigations and expertise
  • Technical investigations and expertise for transportable pressure equipment