Human Resources:

TUV AUSTRIA INDIA is successful and creative course is due to its own manpower. According to the company’s strategic plan, TUV AUSTRIA INDIA always tries to attract and build up through training and cooperate with extremely competent executives to ensure the continued achievement of business objectives and priorities. The company is comprised in the majority from the following graduated highly experienced and recognized in their field professional personnel:

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Production and Administrative Engineers, Mineral Resources Engineers, Food Technology, Information and Agricultural Engineers.

The assessment of the TUV AUSTRIA INDIA manpower is made annually. All the evaluated personnel will be immediately informed of their performance and a relevant discussion with the evaluator will be followed.

TUV AUSTRIA INDIA Educational programs for the optimal development of employees.

The educational programs of TUV AUSTRIA INDIA aim to the evolution of the workmanship of its staff.

Striving for the best possible training and familiarization of human resources in the areas of expertise knowledge which entails a better adaptation to the growth objectives of the company, TUV AUSTRIA INDIA has developed a systematic training cycle consisting of the following stages:

  • Diagnosis of educational requirements
  • Programming – planning of training programs
  • Implementation of training and education program
  • Health and safety of Company’s personnel
  • TUV AUSTRIA INDIA cooperates with Professional Health and Safety Consultants in order to meet the necessities throughout Greece as well as to provide suggestions and advices relating to the appropriate measures to be taken for the safety and physical health of the employees and inspectors. The purpose of this, is the prevention of risk at work and the improvement of working conditions. People of TUV AUSTRIA INDIA are continuously trained in the fields of health and safety to ensure compliance with the safety measures for the prevention of hazards during their work
  • In case of emergency situations, an «Emergency Plan» has been developed and implemented at the premises of TUV AUSTRIA INDIA and evacuation exercises take place annually, with the help of the Safety Volunteers who assist in the effort of the immediate evacuation of the building.
  • TUV AUSTRIA INDIA trains at a regular basis those inspectors, at a regular basis, who are responsible for testing the lifting machinery for “safe working at height “, the Inspectors for “safe driving” and the Security Volunteers for “First Aid and Firefighting”.
  • The goal is to develop a safety culture that may encourage all employees and inspectors to behave responsibly for their own safety and the safety of their mates around.
  • The staff and inspectors of TUV AUSTRIA INDIA with their integrated training, professionalism, experience, team spirit and ethos which distinguishes them, managed to implement the vision of TUV AUSTRIA INDIA and to show it off, under conditions of intense competition, as a dynamic and innovative presence in the field of technical inspections and certifications.