Accreditation is the official recognition of the competence on basis of the EN 45000 and ISO/IEC 17000 standards respectively as well as the accreditation law (AkG, BGBl. Nr. 468/1992). This is also the proof that the requirements of ISO/EN 9000 are fulfilled. It has validity within Europe.

Notification is the official nomination of a(n) (accredited) body by the respective member state to the EU commission and the other member states as European notified body for one or several EC-Directives.

TUV Austria is

  • Accredited Body for Approval (including manufacturers’ approvals, material approvals and pressure equipment approvals) and (in-service) Inspection of Pressure Equipment (including the area of railways) according to the Boiler Act (Austria)link3
  • Accredited Body for Certification of Quality Management Systemslink3
  • Accredited Body for Certification of Productslink3
  • Accredited Body for Certification of Personnellink3
  • Accredited Body for Testing and Inspectionlink3
  • Accredited Body for Calibrationlink3
  • Testing Laboratory for CCA and CB Processes (European/worldwide accreditation)link3
  • Notified / Competent Body according to EU-Directives/Standards and MRAs (Mutual Recognition Agreements)link3
  • Accredited Environmental Verifier according to EMAS (Austria and Germany) Authorization as Environmental Verifier Organization according to Austrian Law: (Umweltgutachter- and Standorteverzeichnisgesetz) (EMAS regulations)link3
  • Other Authorizations, Nominations etc.link3